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“Risk Management Management”

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Overview of the Diploma Management Risk Management

A professional Risk Management Program will allow you to adequately manage any risks and their impacts, efficiently handle any loss and optimize the balance of investments between control and risk financing.


En este módulo se establecen las bases de la práctica de administración de riesgos y ofrece una introducción a la industria de seguros y fianzas que facilitará a los profesionales entender los conceptos de vanguardia sobre la administración de riesgos de negocio y manejarlos adecuadamente en sus organizaciones


  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Definitions and Classification of Risks, Risk of Loss
  • Accidental, Operational, Financial and Strategic
  • The Risk Management process
  • The value chain of the Risk Management
  • Regulatory framework for the Administration of Risks, Insurance and Bonds
  • Operation of the Insurance and Bond Market
  • Standards and Guidelines for Risk Management

This module examines the most effective techniques for identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing, and managing (implementing and monitoring) risks. The objective is to compare and study the various risk financing options faced by organizations and to transmit this information to senior management in financial terms, including a special section that establishes the bases and elements to be considered for the professional design of An Insurance and Bonding Program, as well as the best way to structure the Risk Management Program according to the needs of the organization.


  • Fundamentals and methods of risk identification and analysis
  • Fundamentals and Methods of Risk Control
  • Fundamentals and Risk Financing Methods
  • Design and implementation of an Insurance and Bonding Program
  • Design and implementation of a Risk Management Program
  • Administration, Reporting and Communication

The third module of the diploma is designed to meet the criteria currently used by the most important organizations for managing their risks, establishing and managing their relationships with participants throughout the industry’s value chain, as well as internal strategic partners . It will also know the trends in Risk Management and emerging issues such as cyber risks, business continuity and comprehensive risk management.


  • Selecting and working with a broker
  • Claims Management
  • Efficient Management of Catastrophic Claims
  • Strategic partners in the organization
  • Key Performance Indicators in Risk Management
  • The Business Environment and Risk Management
  • Trends in Risk Management
  • Comprehensive Risk Management (ERM)

$ 1,650 dollars + VAT for the full diploma (3 modules)


It includes:

  • Material in Spanish
  • Diploma of Participation
  • Coffee Break

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