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Aperitisoft ™ is a facilitating tool for the implementation and deployment of its Comprehensive Risk Management program. It allows you to develop your program based on existing models such as the ISO 31000 standard or even the design tailored to your needs and objectives. Aperitisoft ™ is a modular system, whereby the module (s) can be acquired according to the degree of maturity of the program.

Module designed to obtain the information and its shelter. It contains an index of forms based on techniques for risk identification (ISO 31010), such as questionnaires, repository of interviews and / or workshop sessions, for risk identification.

It allows identifying, analyzing, qualifying and quantifying the risk. It contains tools such as risk maps, risk matrices to determine priorities for care or treatment of risk and ranking of risk (by risk, categories or sources of risk).

It allows the assessment of risk, adding the function of risk assessment, and active risk management. It contains tools such as risk response plans (risk management) and key performance indicators (KRIs).

It allows to measure the cost of the risk of each department, division and organization. It contains tools such as the Risk Cost State ™ (5th Financial State ™ ), comparison of the results of the risk assessment vs. Cost of real risk and evaluation of appetite and tolerance to risk..

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Technical Specifications:

Aperitisoft ™ allows an adaptation of the model according to the requirements of the organization or division, shows a control panel with relevant indicators, allows the generation of reports and has information security based on user roles and preferences.

It is available in its versions:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS), compatibility with IE 11 and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • On-premise, own server license.
  • Hybrid, with a SaaS format but with the database hosted on its servers.

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