We are a Mexican firm that offers education, certification and consulting solutions in the public and private sectors. We specialize in risk management solutions, business continuity / operations and comprehensive risk management.

The fundamental principles of our operation are based on the creation of value for our clients and generate benefit for our community. In each initiative and project in which we work with our business partners we transform our services into concrete actions so that together we build resilience.

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Provide solutions that enable our clients to manage their risks optimally, generate value, increase resilience and prepare your organization to face disasters for the benefit of the community.

Develop leadership in the integral risk management and business continuity at a national and international level positioning the value of our solutions and practices through high quality in each product and service.

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Risk Management


ISO 31000 Certification Risk Management

DRI México

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Comprehensive Risk Management

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Business Continuity

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Risk Management

Solutions in
Risk Management

Doing business involves managing risks. With services ranging from improvement to the admission program. Risk and insurance, auditing or even outsourcing the risk and insurance function, we seek to generate value for your risk management.

ISO 31000 Risk Management

This 4-day program will allow participants to become certified professionals in Risk Management. The course is based on ISO 31000 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines, which can be used by organizations of any size and type; Whether in the public or private sector.

DRI México

We offer you the DRI International programs, the most important institute in the world and the director of the practice of business continuity and disaster recovery for Information Technology.

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Comprehensive Risk Management

Our comprehensive risk management consulting team can assist you in implementing comprehensive risk assessment and in deploying a robust process for risk management across the organization.

Solutions in
Business continuity

We provide consulting services for the development of business continuity and disaster recovery programs for information technology. Whether your organization is a small, medium, large company or public institution, the continuity of operations is for everyone.

"Risk Management Management"

A professional Risk Management Program will allow you to adequately manage any risks and their impacts, efficiently handle any loss and optimize the balance of investments between control and risk financing.

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